Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)抢先版

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Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)游戏介绍

Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)是由游戏开发商提供的一款全新的解谜冒险类手游,玩法非常有趣新颖,享受畅快便捷的游戏体验;如果想要体验解谜冒险相关游戏的玩家,可以加入到Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)游戏中来,良心佳作不容错过;

Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD) v4.24抢先版


===天空英雄=== *快速/动作天空战斗游戏===功能=== *逼真的空战格斗* 5种不同的战斗机可供选择*不同类型的导弹*通过Wi-Fi网络进行的多人游戏*弹出按钮 作为一名真正的战斗机中的一员*保护红十字国际委员会的飞机*摧毁敌人的战斗机和直升机*在任务中使用不同的地图===在此游戏中扮演英雄===成为英雄! 我们国家的英雄是谁? 在交战中,入侵部队进攻时,我军勇敢地与侵略者作战。 在什么情况下? 我们的士兵在威胁生命的条件下粉碎对手。 当他们的燃料和弹药用尽时,您能解决他们的情况吗? 他们如何勇敢地对抗敌人并捍卫我们的祖国? 每当他们用尽燃料时,他们都必须跳出飞机,逃脱,然后回到基地以自救。 在此游戏中,我们使用模拟系统,因此您可以更好地了解它们。 在这里,您可以模仿空战中的军事飞行员。 为了克服敌人,您必须管理燃料消耗并射击不同的武器。 在紧急情况下,您可以勇敢地弹出并回到地下室。 在总参谋部,您将收到一些机密命令。 同样,在绝密部分,您将解密如何使用战斗机的隐藏能力。 此外,在持续的任务以及在山脉,沙漠,森林和海洋上空的不同地区,要压倒敌人……成为英雄! 欣赏风景!

=== Sky Heroes === * Fast / Action Sky combat game === Features === * Realistic air combat fighting * 5 different fighters to choose from * Different type of missiles * Multiplayer game through Wi-Fi network * Eject button as one in a real fighter * protect ICRC plane * Destroy enemy’s fighters and helicopters * Different maps for missions === Act As A Hero In This Game === Be The Hero! Who are our country’s heroes? In engagement, while invasion forces were attacking, our army was bravely fighting against aggressors. In what circumstances were they? Our soldiers were smashing adversaries in life-threatening conditions. Can you work out their situations when they ran out of fuel and munitions? How heroically did they stand against enemies and defended our homeland? Whenever they run out of fuel, they would have to jump out of their planes, escape, and return to the base to save themselves. In this game, we use the simulation system, so you can understand them better. Here you can imitate a military pilot in an aerial combat. To overcome enemies you have to manage your fuel consumption, and shoot different weapons. In emergency, you can bravely eject and go back to your basement. In the general staff, you will receive some confidential orders. Also, in top-secret part you will decipher how to use the hidden abilities of your fighters. Moreover, in continual missions and different areas over the mountains, deserts, forests, and oceans, try to overwhelm the enemies … and become a hero! Enjoy scenery!

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Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)相关信息

大小:13MB 类型:游戏  - 解谜冒险 版本:v4.24抢先版

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Sky Heroes HD(天空英雄HD)抢先版手游配置要求:

v4.24抢先版游戏配置-安卓7.1或更高的系统,iPhone 11(及以上),RAM:4GB。


安卓玩家: 品牌 :Moto,华为畅享9S,三星GALAXY Note 10,华为畅享6 处理器(cpu):骁龙765,曦力P20 运行内存(ARM):2GB,2GB,6GB,16GB,4GB,8GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone 12或版本更高的机型

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